We offer complete transport and logistics solutions.


Road freight transport

We offer our clients complete transport/logistics solutions from international distribution, express transport, courier deliveries, full loads, container transport and special cargo transport.

Sea/Air freight

We offer solutions for the maritime transport of cargo, which is an economical and ideal solution for sending a large amount of cargo shipments, the delivery of which is not limited by time. We also organize air transport of goods, (fast and reliable) to the most distant destinations, where an experienced team follows your shipment from the collection to the delivery of the goods.

Intermodal/Multimodal freight transport

Intermodal/Multimodal transport is characterized by the transport of goods in special cargo units on vehicles of at least two transport branches. We organize the transport of intermodal/multimodal goods where we combine the advantages of all branches of freight transport (road, rail, water, air) and offer a safe, favorable and transparent flow of goods transport.


We offer a complete international distribution solution, either from our warehouse or yours directly to the end customer.

Collective LTL lines to all EU countries

Use our regular collection lines with business partners across the EU and see for yourself the quality of our business.

Warehousing and storage

We safely store your goods in our warehouse, with video surveillance, an alarm and the constant supervision of our employees, you can be sure that your goods are in safe hands.


Send us specific information about your needs.

Vehicle fleet

Our rolling stock, with the average age of 3 years, is our main tool in offering you the optimal service. All our vehicles are fitted with modern satellite tracking and navigation, ensuring complete transparency of the location of your package.

Rolling stock specification can be found below, and for all further questions we stand at your disposal 24 hours a day.